Why The World Is Obsessed With Mid-Century Modern Design?

Mid-century modern designs can be defined as the antique furniture pieces that were designed 50 to 60 years ago. In some instances it has been defined as construction, furniture, and graphic design from the mid-20th century (approximately 1933 to 1965, however others contend the era is specifically restricted to 1947 to 1957). The big question however is why even with the advancement of technology and modern-day science people still want to cling to the old-day designs. Many theories have been advanced to try and unravel this mystery that has seen the return of the ‘old is gold’ mantra.

Part of the reason for the return of the old new is attributed to history and its effect on generational changes. Since the medieval days, generations across the world have held on to history as a means of acquiring identity. Collecting antiques has been at the center of this frenzy as is evidenced by Egyptians and Victorians. The mid-century period is seen as the new near in the world especially bearing in mind that it comes immediately after the end of the cold war.

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The other reason for the growing affinity to mid-century design is the prevailing economic times. The world has in the last few decades undergone a period of limited resources with major world power economies experiencing slumps and the consumer market suffering reduced spending power. This has necessitated the production of timeless and pocket friendly pieces. A majority of consumers have had to contend with ensuring that they maintain their stylish lifestyles at the expense of hard economic times.

Nostalgia has also been cited as another of the drivers of the return of mid-century designs. Most people who grew up in homes with mid-century modern furnishings, it has been argued, are slowly gravitating towards those that will connect them with their origins and reinforce their sense of individual distinctiveness.

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