Why The World Is Obsessed With Mid-Century Modern Design?

Mid-century modern designs can be defined as the antique furniture pieces that were designed 50 to 60 years ago. In some instances it has been defined as construction, furniture, and graphic design from the mid-20th century (approximately 1933 to 1965, however others contend the era is specifically restricted to 1947 to 1957). The big question however is why even with the advancement of technology and modern-day science people still want to cling to the old-day designs. Many theories have been advanced to try and unravel this mystery that has seen the return of the ‘old is gold’ mantra.

Part of the reason for the return of the old new is attributed to history and its effect on generational changes. Since the medieval days, generations across the world have held on to history as a means of acquiring identity. Collecting antiques has been at the center of this frenzy as is evidenced by Egyptians and Victorians. The mid-century period is seen as the new near in the world especially bearing in mind that it comes immediately after the end of the cold war.

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The other reason for the growing affinity to mid-century design is the prevailing economic times. The world has in the last few decades undergone a period of limited resources with major world power economies experiencing slumps and the consumer market suffering reduced spending power. This has necessitated the production of timeless and pocket friendly pieces. A majority of consumers have had to contend with ensuring that they maintain their stylish lifestyles at the expense of hard economic times.

Nostalgia has also been cited as another of the drivers of the return of mid-century designs. Most people who grew up in homes with mid-century modern furnishings, it has been argued, are slowly gravitating towards those that will connect them with their origins and reinforce their sense of individual distinctiveness.

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Facilities and amenities offered at various parks in Greensboro

park to visit pictureGreensboro manages various types of recreation facilities. Some of the parks are smaller tracts of land found within a community region where residents can pay a visit to the park and enjoy what the park offers. Regional parks have larger land size with workers assigned to manage programs and also to maintain the park. The watershed parks have big acreage lakes and surrounding buffer zones which attract patrons with beautiful hiking, fishing, and educational opportunities.

1. Neighborhood parks
The neighborhood park offers vast tracts of land recreation to both children and adults.The parks are closer to homes, and they offer facilities like playground equipment, and natural areas .some of the parks have ball fields with scheduled games, picnic shelter, and concessions. Other parks offer a natural cushion just to sit, walk or even relax .several parks such as Latham Park, Lake Daniel Park, and Lindsey Park offer public restrooms.

2. The regional parks in Greensboro and recreation are of large acreage staffed with both recreational personnel and professional parks. Some of the opportunities made available within local parks include swimming, camping, golfing, tennis, Dog Park, trails, disc golf and much more. Also available at regional parks are picnic shelters which enable friends, families and companies to enjoy outdoor.Several facilities host’s special events such as athletics, therefore, drawing participants from the whole country.
Some of the parks in Greensboro include;

Features excellent indoor sports pavilions .It provides a four combination volleyball/basketball courts and an eight Plexi tennis courts which are open for play all through.The Park is a home field for the eastern baseball league, which includes a concession area, stadium seating and tournaments press box. The park has a disc golf course which is made available to use at no charge. Also available at the barber park includes; a spray ground, Six picnic shelter, Tot spot and playground, walking trail and an outdoor amphitheater available for talent shows, concerts, special presentations and community concerts available on rental terms. The park operates daily at 8am and closes in the evening depending weather pattern and seasons of the year.

The park operates daily from 8 in the morning until Sunset. Bryan Park offers amenities and features such as; horseshoe pits, playgrounds, restroom facilities, pro shop and grill, learning facility and golf practice and nine picnic shelters among others.

Operates daily from 8am to 7pm depending on weather. At the park, vehicles are not allowed especially on holidays, weekends or after 4; 15 pm on weekdays .some of the features offered at the park include: seasonal pedal boats, playgrounds, two fishing lakes, education programs and biking trails among others.

Operates at the same time as Country Park. Hester Park offers features such as; 11 tennis courts, two playgrounds, seven picnic shelters, gazebo.The park houses programmed athletic fields for rentals which are booked on reservations. It also has a 5.7-acre lake provided with four fishing piers.

Operates from 8 am to 7 pm. Keeley park offers features and amenities include; community garden , ponds, restrooms, trails, picnic shelters, spray ground and greenhouse

The Park opens 8am daily and closes at around 7pm depending on the weather .The park offers amenities and features such as; picnic shelter, walking trails, butterfly garden and Kathleen family library which operates 2-6 pm on Sundays;9am -9pm from Monday through Thursdays.

New and Pre-owned RVs for sale in Greensboro

It is quite evident that everyone has once in his lifetime thought of traveling in their car or even going camping for a couple of days. But how will you do this, and how will you survive for 5 days or more, from your home? Then, the answer is here! What you need is an RV. An RV is a motor vehicle or trailer which is equipped with a temporary living space and amenities found in a basic home. It might be a motorized RV (motor home), or a tow-able RV (camping trailer). Both options are viable! The point is that both offer living quarters for traveling, recreation and even camping. The word here is to explore!

One of the best purchases you’ll ever make is buying an RV. Owning an RV gives you the chance to explore the world and get more time to relax. The greatest benefit is that of you always having an affordable lifestyle. You don’t need to book expensive hotels or pay for expensive meals. An RV makes everything affordable and you get to save a lot. Millions of people live in motor homes and trailers full time because it has so many great benefits.


So, why not get an RV? There are several top RV dealers in Greensboro, NC with a lot of RVs in their inventory. There are different brands of RVs for sale in Greensboro; Airstream, Ace, Freedom, Quicksilver, Dutchmen, Coachman, Nomad, Rockwood, Forest River, Mandalay, just to name a few – they are a lot. Most dealers usually have model closeout pricing on all brands but some also have been known to offer their RVs on low-rate loans since it is considered as man’s second home. The best part of buying an RV from a top dealer is how they service the car regularly. You don’t have to worry about anything. If your RV develops minor mechanical problems or you need a regular maintenance check, all you need to do is pick up your phone and call the dealer to service the car – that is if, you had a service agreement when buying the car. As easy as 1-2-3…

The only major defect of owning an RV has always been concern on the fuel costs. I mean, fuel prices are never fully constant. They might hike or fluctuate anytime…Will we ever stop driving petrol-powered vehicles? Let’s hope so, though fuel has been a dominant energy for quite sometime…

If getting a new RV proves to be a challenge, you might consider getting a used or pre-owned RV since there are great used or pre-owned RVs for sale in Greensboro. ‘RVTrader’ is an example of a great place to look and buy a pre-owned RV. But, you definitely need an RV that works best for you and your family! Whether it’s for long excursions or a simple weekend getaway! Good times to treasure, eh! Travel and enjoy the great outdoors and landscape in Greensboro by owing an RV. With an RV, life becomes less stressful and more fulfilling.The days that RV’s were only regarded as vehicles for retirees or homeless people are over.

The Best Place to Dine in Downtown Greensboro

Downtown Greensboro, NC is a great place that serves the region as the center for culture, commerce and connectivity. With its variety of offices, shops, festivals, growing residential enclaves, parks, museums and restaurants, Downtown brings people together from different areas of Greensboro. Downtown Greensboro has over 35 restaurants that offer different cuisines that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Downtown offers a huge selection of cuisines ranging from sidewalk food cart to pub food to formal dining. You can also choose where to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner and even late night snacks. It does not matter whether you are looking for a place to have a quick bite at lunch or going out for a special occasion, the Downtown restaurants have it all.

Below are some of the best restaurants in Downtown Greensboro area where you can dine and enjoy together with your loved ones and friends.

Dolce Aroma – For Coffee Lovers

This European style café is situated in the heart of the lovely downtown Greensboro near the Center City Park. They make sure that every visitor is treated very well. They offer some of the best coffee and espresso in town. Together with your coffee you can have a bite of their homemade baklava, bagels and different fresh pastries to choose from. If you run out of cash don’t worry, they accept all types of credit cards.

Midori Restaurant – Serves Asian Cuisines

If you are looking for a restaurant within downtown area that serves Japanese foods like tempura and sushi, Midori Restaurant is the place to be. You will love their Japanese hibachi-style entrees including steak, chicken and shrimp. They serve fast and at affordable price. You can have your lunch in the restaurant or you can take it out.

Crafted – The House of Tacos

This place is new to the Greensboro area, but it has been packed with visitors every day, since the day it opens. The restaurant offers a variety of tacos with unique flavor combinations. You will love their delicious and unique tacos they serve. After eating your first taco you will surely crave for more and will keep coming back.

Maxie B’s – For Cakes and Cupcakes Lovers

With their lovely décor and decadent cake, you will feel like you are at home. Maxie B’s offers the best cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods in downtown Greensboro area. The flavors of their cupcakes change depending on the season or holiday. Their best sellers are the Bailey and the Guinness cupcakes.

Smith Street Diner – Country Style Cooked Dishes

If you want to know the definition of southern hospitality, this is the place to visit. You can have some classic breakfast here and if you want to hear someone call you sweetie, then you came in the right place. They offer a wide variety of country style cooked dishes that you will surely love. If you want to know how it feels to be a southerner then order their biscuits and gravy along with sweet tea.

Downtown Greensboro area offers the best restaurant in the city. It does not matter what type of food you want, you will surely find one that will satisfy your palate.

Greensboro Trip Advice: Getting There and Getting Around

Welcome to the pride and joy of North Carolina, welcome to Greensboro. This is a laid back Southern city where the old is still very much “present” and “fresh”. It was founded in 1786, a bit over a decade after America’s independence. The architecture, the hospitality, the horses… there’s still a strong presence of history and culture preservation. The numerous historical museums found within the city are a testament to this.

Greensboro played a very big role in the shaping of the USA as it stands today and a trip to one or more of these museums can be a real eye opener to some wonderful historic facts. Find out what happened during the Revolution or the Civil War. The Guildford Courthouse National Military Park is a good place to start.

Art lovers will definitely love a trip around the art galleries while animal lovers can visit the Science Center where you will have the opportunity to see different wildlife (both land and aquatic) at the infamous Animal Discovery Zoological Park which is a fun destination for families. There are 10 championship golf courses, Theaters, countless restaurants offering fine cuisines, close to 100 hotels with accommodation services, bars & clubs, shopping centers, and everything else to keep you occupied and thoroughly entertained.

Traveling to Greensboro
Here is a small guide with vital Greensboro travel information

Flying In…

If you’re flying in, then the PTI (Piedmont Triad International Airport) will most definitely be your first stop. From here you can get a taxi to a hotel of your choice. You can also hire a car for the ultimate touring experience.

pti airport logo photo


Driving In…

If you decide to take a road trip to Greensboro, then different interstate highways will get you in depending on the direction you’re entering the city from. However, you can only get in through interstate 85, interstate 40, and interstate 73. The highways running through Greensboro include; 421, 70, 29, and 220.

The Railroad…

You can either come in on the Crescent that serves New York and New Orleans, or the Carolinian that serves Charlotte and New York City through Washington DC and Philadelphia.

Getting Around in Greensboro

This of course can easily be the hardest thing or the simplest, depending on your traveling experience. Just like any other major city in the USA, Greensboro has bus services that cover almost every part of the city. If public transport is not your ideal form of moving around, then hiring a taxi can be more convenient but at a slightly higher cost. Then of course there’s is the car hiring option where you can drive yourself around and have the convenience of being independently mobile.

Must Go Places…

* The Bog Garden – enjoy hiking or biking, or even a walk and take in this magnificent patch of greenery with a full thriving ecosystem complete with wildlife and beautiful scenery.

* Weatherspoon Art Museum – view some great contemporary and modern art pieces at this University museum. Entry is free.

* Children’s Museum – kids and adults can have lots of fun here. There’s an edible playground for the children to enjoy as they frolic around enjoying the exhibits.

* Scuppernong Books – some coffee and get entertained in one of the events that are on almost every night.

* Fishbones – you have never tasted seafood so fresh and so sweet!

* Pho Hien Vuong – where else can you get such a delicious taste of Vietnam?

Final Word

Just like any other big city anywhere in the world, Greensboro has its own share of tough neighborhoods especially around the downtown area. Common sense should guide to always stay safe by protecting your belongings and walking in well lit places at night. Greensboro is definitely a place to visit. Also check Manor clearance